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Trees: Ever Changing Life Forms

“Trees are often regarded as objects and are removed according to the landscape plan ruthlessly. In the Netherlands trees typically reach only one tenth of the age that they could make.

For Raw Color and studio Maarten Kolk & Guus Kusters, trees are anything but static. The are ever changing life forms that determine how we experience light, shade, wind and changes of the seasons. This observation, is translated to “illusions” of trees in different materials, that represent the life, dynamics and transformation of trees.

Invited by MU the project is part of Make a Forest, an international platform, founded by Joanna van der Zanden and Anne van der Zwaag.”

Leaves – Temporary Trees from Raw Color on Vimeo.

more HERE

Three Primary Colors/Colours.

Brining my computer into school on Monday… we had fun mixing our colors/colours with paint on paper, imagine how much fun we are going to have trying to re-in-act this! Catchy tune … super for english as a second language learners.

“Using new music written by OK Go, the video was conceived and directed by Al Jarnow, a pioneer stop-motion animator who made numerous classic educational and experimental short films in the ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s for Sesame Street, Electric Company, 3-2-1 Contact, and other shows.

via swiss-miss via brain pickings

The Seed + The Making Of

The Seed from Johnny Kelly on Vimeo.


Making of ‘The Seed’ from Johnny Kelly on Vimeo.

The warmth of Eireann Lorsung

“I bring you candles in the early dark hours. I bring a photograph of the moon half-full, walking through a bright blue sky. I bring the yellow leaves lit up by low sun. I bring the smell of burn.

I bring the peat fire, wet blacktop, bodies of spiders curing in corners, rosemary, the grass wet in the morning.

I bring a wool cloth, a linen cloth.

In the dark part of the year we find a scratch of light where we can get it. The stars are brilliant. The snow when we have it shines. We are walking together in the darkness, in silence or talking, the sounds of birds and animals, the hanging boughs of yew with their bright red, translucent berries.”

* * *

“For the dark part of the year, I bring you a calendar full of drawings from my travels this year. I bring you warm words, bunnies flying kites, robins & rosehips, the Belgian winter. I bring you my child-self, and early mornings in a kitchen an hour outside Ghent. I bring the young women working in warm, bright cafés at winter’s early nightfall. I bring you something to read with your tea or coffee, on the bus or walking to work (careful, there!).”

* * *
WORDS & ILLUSTRATIONS by the warm & oh so creative EIREANN LORSUNG

Invisible Objects

by Sergio Dias of

Coloured paper, flour and invisible objects… looking forward to exploring this idea with the children in the weeks to come.


Kedublock “is a project by Sérgio Dias in a collaboration with Nature focused on creating original handmade wooden toys.”

Paper Artist

Mesmerized by the patience, creativity and skills of freelance designer and paper artist Bianca Chang.

Bianca Chang – Recent Works, June 2011 from Bianca Chang on Vimeo.

via visual culture

I Can.

I am not a Raffi fan but this song paired with the video, is very moving.

Feel, Imagine, Do and Share

Just one of the many STORIES OF CHANGE taking place around the world!

DESIGN FOR CHANGE “is the largest global movement designed to give children an opportunity to express their own ideas for a better world and put them into action.

Children and adults learn through the Design for Change Challenge that “I Can” are the two most powerful words a person can believe. Children who have discovered this are changing their world.

This year, Design for Change reaches 33 countries and over 300,000 schools inspiring hundreds of thousands of children, their teachers and parents, to celebrate the fact change is possible and that they can lead that change!

The challenge asks students to do four very simple things : Feel, Imagine, Do and Share. Children are dreaming up and leading brilliant ideas all over the world, from challenging age-old superstitions in rural communities, to earning their own money to finance school computers to solving the problem of heavy school bags – children are proving that they have what it takes to be able to ‘design’ a future that is desired.”

Kiran Bir Sethi. Founder. Design For Change School Challenge

Summer Vacation

photo by xavier encinas

Happy Summer Everyone! Thank you for providing me with inspiration, sharing your knowledge, broadening the world of education online – to those of you who contribute on a daily basis, a BIG high FIVE, full of respect – and for all that you give to the children in your life.


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