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Three Primary Colors/Colours.

Brining my computer into school on Monday… we had fun mixing our colors/colours with paint on paper, imagine how much fun we are going to have trying to re-in-act this! Catchy tune … super for english as a second language learners.

“Using new music written by OK Go, the video was conceived and directed by Al Jarnow, a pioneer stop-motion animator who made numerous classic educational and experimental short films in the ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s for Sesame Street, Electric Company, 3-2-1 Contact, and other shows.

via swiss-miss via brain pickings

A New Wave Of Music

I have recently been introduced to a new wave of music for children. Music that is broad in range, backed by talented musicians and is full of clever lyrics that children can relate to and learn from. This new wave of music leaves me feeling like those behind it value childhood, self expression and wish to promote a genuine appreciation for music and the making of. Which makes me happy because, well… I do too!

Raffi and Sharon,Lois and Bram have their place in childhood and one can get into They Might Be Giants but it is much easier to share music with children when we, the adults, appreciate it too.

Finding “good” music takes time and too many of us just don’t have the time and a basic google search for “new music that isn’t childish” only brings up one good result. Below is one of my latest finds that came easy to me thanks to Beth at Sugar Mountain.

———————-Don’t just watch the video, head over to the artist’s site as the full album is available for you to listen too. This isn’t a sales pitch… this is a way for you, your students and/or your family to check out something new — Pass it on, children deserve music, good music!

Oran Etkin

“Oran grew up playing jazz, mentored at a young age by the likes of George Garzone, Yusef Lateef and Dave Liebman. He has been working with various West African musicians in the US and Africa for over ten years and learned their music the traditional way-by listening and playing it with the masters. For his formal training, Oran also studied classical clarinet and composition. An avid advocate of the power of music education, Oran sits on the faculty of the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music and has developed a new method for teaching music to 2-6 year olds that has so far shown exciting results with over 400 young students.”

“Wake Up Clarinet”

“The recording is as musically rich as it is engaging. The all-star band, featuring Jason Marsalis on drums, and the talents of soulful jazz vocalist Charenee Wade, provides an introduction to jazz and other musical styles. Other featured artists include Fabian Almazan on piano, Curtis Fowlkes on trombone, and Garth Stevenson on bass. Etkin is lead vocalist and performs on the clarinet and saxophone. From the first song, “High Low,” it’s apparent that this is no ordinary children’s recording. The song helps children internalize the concept of pitch through be-bopping musical phrasings and an easy going conversation between Etkin and Wade.”

(favourite minutes: 2:15-4:45 & 8:30 – end)


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