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Living Architecture

Quand les ailes s’en mêlent… from Guillemette-Lanthiez on Vimeo.

I have fallen in love with the mobiles of Guillemette Lanthiez. She aspires to create living architecture with these mobiles – the ‘volume is light and the scenery of each place is emotionally charged’.

“Guillemette Lanthiez est architecte d’intérieur. Dès l’obtention de son diplôme de l’ESAG Penninghen en 2006, elle rejoint la maison Chanel et y affine son goût du travail minutieux où la qualité prime. Aujourd’hui Free-lance, elle poursuit sa collaboration avec Chanel ainsi qu’avec différents architectes. Elle fait également partie du groupe d’artistes “Manjari & partners”, un lieu d’échange et d’inspiration autour de l’image.

Elle aspire à créer une architecture vivante, ou les volumes et la lumière font de chaque lieu des décors chargés d’émotions, qui se transforment, se modulent et deviennent acteurs.

Le mobile c’est une fascination d’enfant que Guillemette poursuit dans l’age adulte. C’est un révélateur de la présence de nos corps, de notre souffle. Comme dans un jeu, son équilibre est sans cesse remis en cause. Destiné à un lieu spécifique, il lui donne une âme unique et insaisissable, en constante mutation.
Guillemette crée ces mobiles spécialement pour les lieux que vous aimez et les adapte à votre espace.”

via Emilie

Yarn Scraps

I am in constant dialogue with myself when it comes to storytelling – searching for new ways to engage children in language and the arts. Felt cut-outs and recycled cardboard are useful but at this stage in my teaching career, I feel the need to challenge myself to involve a more diverse range of materials within storytelling, for both myself and the children. I have always welcomed the use of whatever is available in the room or on the shelf closest to you when a child asks you to read a story but… my goal is to create a thoughtful collection, something more permanent. With an emphasis on reusing materials and objects that I already have within my home, I am determined to make props for each of the stories I have in my library before I head back to school September 1st.

This afternoon while browsing my inspiration folder, this photo by the talented Miss Yokoo has reminded me that no matter how fuzzy or twisty the scraps from these ‘homemade props’ may be, they are worth saving and sharing.

Art + Photo by Yokoo

I like the idea of art that is temporary; creating on a bare table top or a the edges of a bookshelf. If you do too, be sure to have adhesives and paper nearby – some children just aren’t willing to accept that their creations get picked up piece by piece and put back into a glass container for use another day.

Jar Tops

During a recent trip to Amsterdam, we stopped in at Droog and I was very happy to see these Jar Tops available for purchase. I came across them online a couple of weeks ago and got to thinking that they would be a great asset to my classroom -promoting independence, fine motor skills and creativity. Reusing glass jars has always been a part of my practice, but these tops will allow for the jars in my collection to become more than just paint brush stands and pencil holders. I should have bought two sets!

Jar Tops by Jorre van Ast
“These functional screw caps fit on jars all over the world. Now you can re-use and preserve that memorable mustard jar from Dijon, France or that pickle Jar from Poland. Build your own personal collection.”

Team Building

I just can’t get enough of Growing Schools. I am so thankful that this organizations has the will and the ability to share their projects with us online. Inspiring, educational and fun.

Watch more videos from Growing Schools on their YouTube Channel

Flatness to Fullness

Drawing by Seth

We encourage children to talk to us about their drawings, write down their words and often look to the art shelf or in the recycling box for materials to extend their images and ideas. A child’s drawing provides endless possibilities for creative expression, storytelling and dramatic play – it is exciting, for both child and adult, to see a story transform from flatness to fullness.

These images inspire me to continue to encourage the transformation of flatness to fullness, they also serve as a reminder that I need to make peace with the sewing machine.

Plush by his mom, Karen (updated blog coming soon)

via acejet170

Sabine Finkenauer

architecture, 2006
oil on canvas
110 x 130 cm

The following is an exert from ARTIST STATEMENT FOR THE NY DRAWING CENTER – Text by Sabine Finkenauer for the exhibition Non – Declarative Drawing in the Drawing Center, New York, September 2007

“I am in the habit of using a wide range of colors. I apply them according to the emotion they convey and in order to grant the right weight to shapes, rather than because of their representational value. I am not interested in complicated technical procedures or sophisticated materials. What attracts me to drawing is precisely the frugality of the medium, which facilitates a very direct and immediate execution. The quality that underscores the bareness and simplicity of the expression I seek in my work lies in this austerity of resources.

My work generally treats just of “things”,objects taken from daily life such as pieces of furniture, dresses, plants, buildings, or mountains. Figures such as little girls, princesses, or dolls that appear to be related to children’s stories and imaginary worlds are also present. This whole universe of “things” is portrayed in a simple yet rigorous formal language, playfully situated between abstraction and concrete images. Also leading to poetry and irony, my approach to this seemingly naïve or even stupid imaginary world is clearly formalistic. In my search for the limits of representation, things are divested of their attributes and converted into “form”. Form is the true theme of my work—the ambiguity between representation and definition being a sign or symbol that travels in an intimate and subjective way from the visible to the invisible, from what we see to that which exists.”

head, 2007
lacqued iron bar
165 x 230 x 1 cm

Sabine is currently an Artist in Residence at Cité International des Arts de Paris (March-April 2010).


22 pupils, 9 years old.

“Trees” an “Animated Art Gallery – Poetic Documentary about trees – Made by 22 Italian pupils (9y old) during Art and Music classes. To make this work they learnt to play the recorder, they played a real concert harp, they spent 2 years learning watercolour techniques for sky, bush and trees, studying the shape of a tree in different situations.

This video is produced with Free Open Source Software. Frames were grabbed with Stopmotion Editing was done in Cinelerra. This video is published under the Creative Commons License BY-NC-SA 2.5 Italy.”

Alberi from Raffaella Traniello on Vimeo.

The making of ALBERI from Raffaella Traniello on Vimeo.

A New Book

The Heart and the Bottle, a new book by Oliver Jeffers – via – thank you Tina for the heads up, I am just as excited as you and Ella!

I Can Make Art

“This short film is part of a series entitled I Can Make Art and focuses on the work of Emily Carr. In this film, kids examine Carr’s unusual world and the inspiration for her haunting landscapes. Drawing on this inspiration, they then attempt to create a giant forest mural on a window in their school. The series is comprised of six short films that take a kid’s-eye view of a diverse group of Canadian visual artists.”

Atelier Eva Juliet

“Graphic Art for Everyday Life.”

Ms. Juliet’s website is currently under-construction… view more of her work on her ETSY page

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