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THAT Blue School.

A couple of months ago at a party full of young, creative Parisians, I spent over an hour talking to a new dad about education, my work and my plans to create a ‘preschool like no other’. After listening to me babble on about this school that I have been dreaming up for the last five years, he asked me if I had heard of The Blue School “It sounds amazing, a lot like what you have just described to me, a friend heard about it from Inez & Vinoodh. Look it up when you get home.” The second I got home I looked it up and within minutes, I was overwhelmed with emotion, mixed emotion … my ‘preschool like no other’ practically already existed! Joy, Envy, Respect, Envy, Sadness, Envy, Excitement, Envy, Hope, Envy, Appreciation, Envy, Wonderment, Envy.

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The Blue School has been popping up everywhere and I feel a twinge of envy every time someone asks me if I have heard about this amazing school in New York City or when my mom emails me the latest news article. I could only dream of engaging in conversation with Sir Ken Robinson and architect David Rockwell… and that mission statement of theirs, it’s the mother of all mission statements…

“Our mission is to cultivate creative, joyful and compassionate inquirers who use courageous and innovative thinking to build a harmonious and sustainable world.”

The aesthetic of the actual living-breathing school and their well designed curriculum guide … to die for – Blue School is the real deal! A dream environment for those of us who believe in what our friends in Reggio are doing, believe in the whole child, believe in education for sustainability and believe in the forces of creativity in all that we do.

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Today, I am proud to say, Envy has transformed into Aspiration.

Envy: a feeling of discontented or resentful longing aroused by someone else’s possessions, qualities, or luck. Aspiration: a hope or ambition of achieving something.

Cheers to you Blue School! Thank you for your leadership and advocacy in early childhood education, for the bravery and hard work you put forward in reaching your goals and for that twinge of envy you have given me – that twinge will help me to reach my goals.

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Note to self: Embrace the movement. Be proud that there are others out there who are like minded. Contribute in your own way. Get moving.

Note to you: Whether you have been dreaming up an atelier or a whole school project, let the story of The Blue School be of inspiration to you…a motivator… get moving!

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