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I have been following the photo journal of designer Alison Garnett for a few years now. Last winter while in Toronto, I had the pleasure of meeting Alison and her muse, Leah, in their home. It was fun to share a couple of hours with them both and to be face to face with the little girl whose whimsical expressions I have grown to adore.

I asked Ali to give us some tips on photographing children and documenting “childhood”.

1. Allow the child to come up with some of their own ideas for poses
- that makes it more of a fun and creative exercise.

2. Use props and dress up clothes – they can add an element of

3. Shoot at their level. If you aim down, children appear less
empowered. If you shoot at their eye level, they appear larger than

4. Talk away while you take pictures to add a level of distraction.
That way the photos appear less posed.

5. Don’t fix up there hair and clothing. Keep them looking
natural … children aren’t perfect, which is what makes each one of
them unique and special. Those are the memories you want to hold on to.


Ali —– You do such a lovely job! Leah’s memory of childhood is going to be enhanced by your captures and cherished by everyone who comes to know her.

  1. jen said,

    October 8, 2007 at 5:05 pm

    i absolutely agree!… her photos are beautiful captures of her daughter. I love the playfullness not only in how she maneuvers around her adorable subject, but her playful shooting of film aspect to her photography as well, leaving a bit up to chance. Incredibly inspiring, indeed!

  2. Irene said,

    October 17, 2007 at 6:06 pm

    awesome tips! I’m printing this out!

    Alison is a constant source of inspiration. her creativity and sense of composition, color and light amaze me everytime.

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